In Island Monster Offroad, monster trucks of mountains, coasts and nature are ready! Show off your skills in the difficult terrain! If you are ready, let's drive across the island and overcome the rocky mountains with your monster truck! Have fun and good luck drifting!

It's vacation time! And this time we're going to try something you haven't tried before! Have you driven a monster truck before? Then now is the time to try it! Choose your vehicle and hit the stony roads! In this simulation, you'll be driving throughout the island and across mountainous terrain. Choose from six amazing trucks and play alone or with a friend to see who has the biggest wheels! A speedometer was put at the bottom left hand of the screen to make the game more realistic. You'll be able to see how fast you're traveling and whether or not you'll be able to clear the ramp. Stunt your car and push it to its limits! Your only objective is to have fun in this game! You can choose to play both in 1 player mode and 2 player modes. And you have 6 different truck options to choose from! As you try to prove that bigger is better, control the truck and gain speed. Island Monster Offroad allows you to unleash your inner beast. In this entertaining Monster Truck game, you may put your driving abilities to the test! Have fun!

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RHM Interactive developed Island Monster Offroad.

Release Date

July 23, 2021


  • 3D graphics
  • 6 different vehicles to choose
  • No levels to pass
  • Entertaining gameplay


You can use your WASD keys to play this game.