In Bike Racing 3, your motorbike waits for you to rock the roads! Get on your bike and unleash the crazy biker in you on this adventurous road. All you have to do is to be in control of your motorbike and go as far as you can on these risky yet thrilling roads. Are you ready to ride your motorbike and fire up the roads?

You can now see how good of a driver you are. Get started with your motorbike and jump on the roads of the savannah. There will be hills for you to ride through and these are just the beginning. The road is a tough one, but you can get over it, right? When you're driving through the hills, you need to be careful of your fuel and the distance you get. Your aim is to go as far as you can with new aims being updated to you. Still, it is a matter of seconds to run out of gas when you’re driving. So, always keep an eye on the indicator on the top left of the screen and try to reach the nearest fuel bonus in a red canister. You should click on the accelerator pedal on the right to go forward and the pedal on the left to go backward. Try to balance your speed and fuel use by clicking on these pedals only when you need them! With the coins you collect on the way, you can level up your fuel capacity, motor power, the quality of your tires, and the stability of your motorbike. These will help you get these distances more easily. There are different motorbikes and motorcycles you can choose and different types of roads to challenge yourself. But please do not look over your safety. If you collapse, you need to start over. So, if you are ready, get going and rock this bike race!

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SoftGames Azerion developed Bike Racing 3.

Release Date
November 2021

• 2D colorful graphics
• Customizable vehicle features
• Various types of roads to unlock
• Addictive roadmap to drive through
• Motorcycles to unlock

You can use the mouse of your computer to press the pedals on the screen.