Be the champion in a compelling game in Azad Cricket! Have you ever played cricket? Do you have what it takes to be a champion? Now, you can see for yourself if you are made from the winner cloth with a breath-taking match. This excitement will sure keep you on the edge of your seat! Now take your bat and start rocking the stadium!

In this addictive game, you will serve your hits to get points within the limited chances to hit the ball. When the bowler throws the ball at you, you can’t possibly know how the ball will come. Sometimes it will come slowly at you, or sometimes way too fast for you to even hit it. But with a ball coming with an average speed, you are expected to hit well enough to get some points. The point borders of 1 point, 2 points, 3 points, 4 points, and 6 points are there to help you see where you are aiming at. You should especially be careful not to hit the ‘out’ borders that will eliminate you. To win the match, you should complete enough points within a limited number of hits. You can see a countdown on the screen, indicating how many points you should get to win. You can commute the arms of your player with your curser but be careful since they have very high sensitivity and are a little jiggly. You can choose your and your opponent's country before the match. So, now get into the stadium and try to win the game to make your country the champion!

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FreeOnlineGames developed Azad Cricket.

Release Date
November 29, 2021

• 2D colorful graphics
• Need for sudden player control
• Intuitive controls
• Addictive gameplay

You can use the cursor of your mouse to control the character.