Your life is ahead of you in Run of Life 3D! You have the chance to determine what will happen in your life and what will become of you! Your choices alter your future, and here is the same as life. You have a long life before you to shape. So, let’s see how you will handle your aging!

You will begin this game as a little girl. This will be the beginning point of your life in this simulation. From the beginning, your choices will determine how you will be aging. There will be many options that you will have to choose from throughout the game. When you are given two options to opt for one, try to go for the one that will make you younger. Some choices like smoking will make you older, and your aim is to end this game as young as possible. The younger you are when you end the platform, the higher you will get on the stairs that are waiting for you at the end. When you can climb higher on the stairs, you will have a better stage in life. Now, let’s get on the platform, have a simulation for your life, and try to stay young!

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YAD.Com developed Run of Life 3D.

Release Date

January 24, 2022


• 3D colorful graphics

• Multiple levels to complete

• Entertaining and addictive levels

• Intuitive controls


You can use the mouse of your computer to move the character and get the collectibles.