In Super MX The Champion, prepare yourself for starting the biggest motorcycle race ever! After good spadework in a huge preparation field full of high ramps, there is nothing that can stop you! Whenever you are ready, stop on the colorful platform and start the race. With a bit of effort and a good strategy, the golden cup is all yours! Cross the fingers and start the game!

Imagine you worked so hard till now for the most important race of your life, and it is about to start. What you should do to come first is that give yourself a little bit time in the spadework as a warm-up for the race and getting to know the field. When you feel ready to start, stand on the green or yellow illuminated platforms, and press the space button. If you don't want to race, you can simply stay in the preparation field and drive deliberately. You will also see a small option button written: "change the map" at the left bottom of the screen. You have two different map options. The first one is an open field where you can drive on the high ramps without barriers. While the second one is an outdoor racing stage with lots of spectators, and the racing path is surrendered with barriers. If you have chosen your field and ready to race, let's start the game!

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Barnzmu developed Super MX The Champion.

Release Date

July 20, 2020


  • 2D Motorcycle race
  • Colorful graphics
  • Multiple maps
  • Fun and addictive gameplay


Use left and right arrow to move. Up arrow to drive and space button to start the race.