Drive Bike Stunt Simulator 3D is here to blow your mind with a breathtaking open-world riding experience in a beautiful city. Take calls, and accept extremely challenging missions to test your patience and skills on the bike. Explore gorgeous streets and pull stunts for money. Upgrade your biker and buy better and faster motorcycles.

Start by setting the graphics as you wish before going off to the streets; it's worth every second. You can go to the settings; turn on the details, and set quality to high. Now you are ready to experience the city. You can unlock another bike by watching short ads before leaving or start with the first bike. Roam the streets freely and try to get used to the controls. You will soon get a call for a quest. You can keep wandering or accept the quest for some money. Upon accepting, you will be given directions to a location to pull some stunts or pass checkpoints. Keep an eye on your fuel during these missions, because refills stop you wherever you are and interrupt your stunts and jumps. Give yourself some time, as these missions surely take some time to adapt. Relax, don't panic, and remind yourself that you are in control even if you are clearly not.

If you would like to challenge your biking skills further with difficult tracks, you can check out Bike Mania 4 and control a tiny biker in a giant house.


Driving games developed Drive Bike Stunt Simulator 3D.

Release Date

February 24, 2022


Amazing 3D graphics

Easy controls

Challenging missions

Open-world city experience

7 bikes to unlock


You can use arrow keys to move.