In Diesel and Death, you can push the boundaries of extreme motocross! Diesel and Death offers a different approach to motorbike games in terms of both its levels and gameplay. After all, how many games allow you to nuke your opponent, or attack them from the back with a flamethrower? Not many! Diesel and Death, with its fun level designs and entertaining features, will satisfy the daredevil within you. Are you ready to look for some trouble? Get your leather gloves and steel shades ready, and show your devilish grin as you head to the start line. From now on, you'll be called Death.

In Diesel and Death, you take on the role of an extreme motocross hero named Death. You have to race against your arch nemesis, Diesel. This is a race in which the winner is the only survivor. Race your way through the junkyard and collect various power-ups. From a shield to ward off grenades, for instance. There is a total of 8 power-ups you can collect and use against your opponent, Diesel. You wouldn't expect things to be that easy, right? Diesel is a formidable opponent and he will also use those power-ups to gain the upper hand against you. The race ends when either one of you dies. If both prove to be resilient enough to endure each others' attacks, then you should keep an eye on the timer. Once it hits zero, the race ends. Drive your motorbike carefully as you navigate through the hills of trash. Beware of the gaps and other obstacles. Be victorious and send Diesel to the trash mountain!

Diesel and Death is a fun racing game where you have to pay attention to every detail on your road. Explosives, flamethrowers, and many other interesting features are offered in the gameplay. If you enjoyed this game, remember to check out our other car games or racing games.


Diesel and Death was created by 3RD Sense


  • 8 different power-ups
  • Easy controls
  • Play against computer
  • Nice graphics


Use the arrow keys to control your bike. Press space to use power-ups.