Are you ready to feel extreme levels of adrenaline with Stunt Extreme? Hop on your motorbike and show everyone your coolest tricks! You are not alone on this road, and you got to be brave enough to show everyone you are the best stuntman around. Can you rock your motorbike and put on a great show?

In this motorbike game, you must get your motorbike and race against your rivals. What is more important than being faster than your rivals is to be careful with your moves. In your stunt motorbike, you need to keep your balance well set. Otherwise, you can easily fall off your motorbike which will cost you time. Still, when you fall off your bike, you can easily get up and hop on your motorbike again. If you repeatedly stumble on the little dunes or hit your rivals, you will have to start from the beginning, though. You can easily change your lane by sliding your character up or down. This means you will have to quickly change the lanes whenever something gets in your way. When you get your speed and drive an uphill which will lead you to a cool flight downhill, you need to control your motorbike with the arrows on the down left of the screen. This way, you can either make your stunt moves like a 360-degree flip or try to land on the road safely. So, get on your bike and be ready to monitor your character as safe yet as cool as possible!

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Ramblo Digital Media developed Stunt Extreme.

Release Date
November 24, 2021

• 2D colorful graphics
• Customizable vehicle features
• Multiple levels
• Addictive roadmap to drive through
• Motorcycles to unlock

You can use the mouse of your computer to press the pedals on the screen.