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At Kizi, you can enjoy a huge collection of thrilling sniper games. Find a good position to hide out and load your sniper rifle. You’ve been given a series of important missions to carry out. Peer through the scope mounted on your rifle and see if you can spot your targets. Make sure you put the right characters in the crosshairs, because once you shoot, chaos will break out. If you miss your target, they’ll run for it and get away! You might also give away your position and put yourself in danger, so be quick and accurate. Do you love sniper and shooting games, check out our collection of gun games!

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We’ve got some great military sniper games in which you have to take down the guards patrolling an enemy base. Can you pick off the right targets without anyone sounding the alarm? There are also whole series of sniper games featuring stickman characters, which makes finding the right targets a challenge. Read the instructions in your mission file very carefully and train a keen eye for detail. You’ll receive hints about what your character might be wearing, or how they might act. Scan the scene quickly and identify the one figure with the right characteristics. Want to play more Stickman games? Click here!

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Would you like to play the best sniper shooting games for free at school or at work? Lots of public networks at schools and in libraries - and even networks in some cafés! - try to block gaming content. At Kizi, you can always access your favorite games online, including these awesome unblocked sniper adventures. Play whenever you want and wherever you want, on laptop, tablet, or mobile. Have fun!