Bullet Party welcomes you to a deadly party where the bullets fly in the sky! This fun multiplayer FPS game invites you to big combats against real enemies from all around the world. In this game, choose a room to play in or simply create a new server that fits your game style. Here is the opportunity to prove your combat skills! Now, load your gun and get ready to step into the battlefield!

Bullet Party allows you to choose one of the available rooms according to their combat style, gun option, and strategy. But also, you can create a new server and make your own preferences. Join the group delta or recon and kill the enemies. You will be expected to kill over 100 soldiers in the game to become the best shooter. To reach this goal, invite your friends to the same room to help you out. After the round is over, you can see your score and kill numbers. Move your character with WASD keys or keyboard arrows. Press "space" to jump and the "C" key to lean. "T" key to open the chat. You can check the KILL CAM to see the remaining players. Use your mouse to extend your vision and left click to shoot. Good luck!

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Engin Yildiz developed this game.

Release Date

August 22, 2019


  • Multiplayer FPS sniper game
  • 3D colorful graphics
  • Various combat features options
  • Provides multiple battlefield options


WASD keys to move, left mouse button to shoot, right mouse button to aim, R key to reload, Tkey to open the chat, Space bar to jump.