Stay sharp through this October with the cute and spooky puzzles of Find Differences Halloween! Explore new images with scary characters, cursed items, and potion cauldrons at each stage! Scan the images on both sides, mark the different spots within the time limit, keep your score high, and avoid clicking on the empty spots!

What is more fun than a hidden objects puzzle? A Halloween-themed hidden objects puzzle, of course! As the day arrives, this game is here to fill all your hunger for the genre and the theme. The game offers sixteen levels with Halloween-themed cute images. These images come in two versions at each level. There are some spots with small differences in them, and the main goal is to find and spot these differences before the time runs out. There are some other factors, though. You earn score points with each difference. These points decrease for every mistake you make, so try not to click anywhere but the differences. Start comparing two pictures once the level starts, and do not waste one second. You can move onto the next level by getting a hint at critical situations. Discover all sixteen images and meet all characters while testing your skills!

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Lof Games developed Find Differences Halloween.

Release Date

October 20, 2022


Fun for all ages!

Halloween-themed images and characters

Improving skills

Time-limited challenging levels


You can use your mouse to play this game.