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Hunting is an activity that involves tracking and killing animals. Some people hunt to survive and to put food on the table, while others view hunting as a recreational sport. Hunters can use ancient weapons like spears, nets, and bows, or they might use modern weapons like shotguns and high-tech hunting rifles. Here at Kizi, we’ve got all kinds of animal hunting games for you to explore. Join the cavemen on the hunt for mammoths and even some dinosaurs, or stalk through the fields in one of our realistic, first-person 3D hunting simulators.

What counts as hunting?

We have an idea about what hunting is, but did you know there are specific rules that determine when activities count as hunting and when they don’t? Firstly, there’s a difference between hunting and poaching. Hunting refers to legal hunting activities, while poaching is the illegal killing or capturing of animals. This might be because a particular species is protected and illegal to hunt, because hunting is not permitted in a particular area, or because it is taking place outside of the legally permitted hunting season. Killing an animal out of self-defense also doesn’t count as hunting, since the hunter must actively track, lie in wait for, and kill the animal. Sometimes people hunt to control pests, such as rats. This does counts as hunting, although the animals must be wild and they must be able to escape the hunter for the act to count as a hunt.

Explore the world of hunting games

Explore our range of free hunting games and set out on a new adventure. You can play by yourself, or join a team in one of our multiplayer titles. Collect a range of weapons, practice shooting stationary and moving targets, and head into the forest to see what you can find. Kizi offers a range of hunting games for kids and the whole family, some which involve 2D and 3D animals, and some which only involve brightly colored targets and clay disks. Take your pick and enjoy the game!