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Catch lots of colourful fish in our free fishing games and try to win awards for your biggest catches. Fish can be caught in many different ways, depending on the type of fish, the flow of the water, and the equipment available. One ancient method of catching fish is spear fishing with a sharpened stick. This method requires a huge amount of patience and lightning-speed reactions. Fish can also be caught using woven boxes and conical baskets, just like crabs and lobsters. When fishing in a stream, you can also build fish traps out of stacked stones, or use wooden stakes to create a weir. Most online fishing games feature fishing nets and fishing rods, however, with angling games being the most popular type. Select the right lure and rod, and cast out your line to see if any rare fish will bite today. Click here to play even more sports games.

Collect as many fish as you can in our free fishing games

In lots of our fishing games, you can progress through the game by unlocking new species and new locations with different types of fish to catch. You can increase your chances of catching rare or bigger fish by making sure to upgrade your equipment. Sort through the different lures and read more about the fish they attract. Pick the right bait, and make sure you select a strong fishing rod for heavier catches. Wait patiently until the fish begin to nibble at your bait, and reel in your catch at the right moment. If you wait too long or reel your hook in too soon, the fish will get away. Keep an eye on the line tension as well. If you pull too violently, your line may break! Try to unlock all the achievements for capturing a varied collection of fish, and win trophies for the biggest specimens. You can win in-game coins or unlock exclusive gear and fishing spots.

The best unblocked fishing games for PC and mobile

We’ve got a huge collection of realistic fishing games for you to play, as well as a series of colourful and fanciful angling games. You can even access Kizi’s unblocked fishing games on laptop and mobile when you’re on a public network. That way, you can always enjoy a quick game during the break at school or at work. Have fun wherever you go!