In Summer Lake, pack your baits and head to the beautiful lake to catch the biggest fishes ever! Featuring many different locations for you to travel, you don't have to go outside to experience this popular activity in this game. So cast a line and be patient.

Still waters hiding many different fishes beneath! As the master angler, it's your job to catch them all! Your objective in this game is to cast your line and catch as many fish as you can. While it can be quite challenging in real life, fishing in this game is pretty simple. You only need to use your mouse to play this game. Click on the play button to start the game. Click and drag the pointer around the lake to cast a line. Keep your eyes on the bobber, because once a fish bites the bait, it'll start to move. Click and hold the left mouse button to reel in. With each fish you catch, you earn money. You can spend these to buy new baits, fishing rods, and even unlock new locations. You can check these from the buttons located in the top right corner of the screen. Can you unlock all the equipment, and become a master angler?

Cast a fly and enjoy the life of a fisherman in our free online fishing games here. Have fun and good luck!


Play Combo developed Summer Lake.

Release Date

September 5, 2018


  • 24 different baits to use
  • 7 different fishing rods to unlock
  • 6 different locations to unlock and visit
  • Variety of fishes to catch


Use your mouse to play this game.