Run fast with Santa in Santa Parkour! The busiest person of the holiday season is, no doubt, Santa. He might be a great being but still, he needs your help during this new adventure of his!

You will get to run Christmas-related tasks over the high buildings with Santa thanks to this action game. Get your feet ready because you will run fast and jump high over the gaps between the buildings. Sometimes, you will have chimneys on your way, and sometimes beautifully decorated Christmas trees will interrupt your way. Your aim is to jump over them and run fast without any interruptions. You will see that Santa gets increasingly faster with each successful milestone you take. Keep an eye on the achievements to collect coins as you complete a bunch of tasks given, unlock new skills with new levels you pass, and collect skill cars that you can combine to unlock better moves. Let’s see how far you will go and how many buildings you will pass over!

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MarketJS developed Santa Parkour.

Release Date

December 01, 2022


• Colorful 2D graphics

• Funky Christmas songs playing

• Achievements to complete

• Skins and skill cards to unlock

• Loot boxes you can open periodically

• New moves to unlock with new levels


Click left to jump and hold longer to jump longer.