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Do you love cats? Have you always wanted a cat as a pet? In our collection of free online cat games, you can play with, groom, and dress up your own fluffy friends. You can comb their fur and treat your cats at the pet clinic. We’ve also got challenging games in which you have to run and jump across platforms with your cat to collect fish, mice, and cat treats. Or how about the adventures of the plump and bouncy Sushi Cat? Create and train your own cat army in our funny series of Strikeforce Kitty games. This page also features lots of cat-themed coloring games, and jigsaw puzzles with cute pictures of fuzzy little kittens. We’ve got lots of great titles featuring your favorite feline friends, and also a lot of animal games so come and take a look around!

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Humans have kept cats for thousands of years. Cats make good companions, since they are affectionate while also being quite independent. They can help keep your house clean by hunting mice. In the past, cats were often taken abroad ships to get rid of rodents. These days, cats are more popular than ever, and there are even a large number of cat celebrities on the internet. Internet-famous cats include Grumpy Cat and the plump Scottish Fold Maru. In fact, cat pictures and memes are among the most popularly viewed content online! What makes these furry creatures such beloved pets? Is it their big eyes and soft toe-beans? Their elegant posture and haughty expressions? Or maybe you just can’t get enough of their comical moves and that adorable ‘blep’.

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We understand if you can’t bear to be separated from your online pets. Lots of public networks at schools, libraries, and even cafés block online content like cat games so that you can’t access them, but here at Kizi you can always enjoy our full collection wherever you go. Whether you’re using your PC, laptop, or mobile, you can just keep playing!