Take care of amazingly beautiful baby cats in Kitty Cats! Have you always wanted to be a mother or father to multiple kittens and spend all they taking care of them? If your answer is yes, then this game will make your dreams come true. Now get ready for furry fun with your new little babies!

In this virtual reality game, you have 6 cats to take care of. In the beginning, you should pick one kitten from these 6 little cuteness bombs. When you choose your kitten, you will be taken into a house with it. That is when you have the chance to spend some time together. All these little babies have different priorities in their needs, though. Some may need medical help straight away, and some may just need a ball of string to play with. Either way, you can click on the needs of these little babies, and they will start taking action. There are mainly three areas in the house where you can spend time together. In the first room, you have a first aid cabinet, a food bowl, and a water bowl. The second room is full of toys and there is also the bed of our kittens. In this room, these babies can have fun playing with the ball of string and other toys. In the final room, you can dress up your babies as you wish alongside their particular requests in the thinking bubbles. Finally, take a happy pic of your kitten and pass on another one if you wish!

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Xform developed Kitty Cats.

Release Date
December 03, 2021

• 3D colorful and realistic graphics
• Cute kittens
• Various activities
• Award cookie to make your kitten happy!

You can use the mouse of your computer to choose options.