Trained with age-old techniques, samurai are the fiercest of the warriors that have graced the surface of the earth. Join the ranks of this ancient warrior order in Samurai Fighter, and defeat all of your enemies as you try to reach the top and become the best samurai ever! Make your enemies tremble as they see the dedication in your eyes. Make them regret facing you with your moves faster than the wind and your sword sharper than any other blade.

You standing calmly amongst the fallen bodies of your opponents will be the only sign of the graceful mayhem you caused seconds ago. With its 3D graphics, immerse yourself in this epic fight as your attacks land on the various parts of your opponents. As the player, your objective in this epic game is to complete each level by defeating the waves of enemies. These enemies might have the illusion of being able to best you but what they don’t know is that they are nothing but a minor distraction that can be easily dealt with. When you start the game, you can choose between two characters, Arashin and Bei. Each of the two characters has different stats so take a look at them before deciding on one. When you have made your decision, select a character and press the continue button to start the fight! Use the arrow keys to move your character. Once your opponents arrive, show them what it means to be a samurai by pressing the Z or X key to attack them. As your kicks and punches fly toward your enemies, some of them may manage to hit you. To block an attack, use the C key. The battle is heated, and your attacks might find their way to a crate that is lying around. When you destroy a crate, you have a chance to find a weapon. When near a weapon, press the Z key to equip yourself with it. You can find different weapons, from swords to guns. Use everything at your disposal to win the battle and claim your place amongst the master samurai!

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  • 2 different characters to choose
  • 3D graphics
  • Various enemies to fight against
  • Entertaining combat mechanics


Use the arrow keys to move. Use the Z or X key to attack and the C key to block. Press the Z key to pick up a weapon when you are near one.