Cats are probably among the most curious and mischievous animals out there, and these cute little furry friends need your help in Cute Cat Hospital. Put on your doctor’s coat and invite these adorable animals to your clinic to treat their illnesses. From getting tangled in a ball of yarn to having splinters in their paws, these cats need your care so they can go home happy!

Who doesn't like cats? With their cute paws, big eyes, and curious whiskers, they are everywhere at Cute Cats Hospital! As the player, your objective in this amazing game is to make your patients feel better by treating them. Each of your patients will have different problems. Your clinic has everything you need to treat these adorable felines! Say hello to the first of your many patients. Playing this game is as entertaining as it is simple! When a patient arrives, you can see what their ailment is by looking at the icon hovering above their head. Your clinic has six different treatment rooms, and to start taking care of your patients, you should click and drag them to the related room. Once you’re inside, you can start treating them. Remove splinters from their paws and disinfect the wounds before applying plasters. Cut the thread and rescue them from a ball of yarn they've gotten trapped in after an intense play session! Take X-rays and get rid of any viruses that inhabit their system! Some patients will be in a rush and you should prioritize them over others. You can make them feel better by buying different decorations from the in-game shop with the coins you earned to keep them busy. Look how happily they stride back to their homes!

Well done! You’ve cured every kitty and we’re sure you can do more! There are many other amazing and cute games for you to try here at Kizi! Be sure to visit our girl games and animal games page to browse for yourself! Have fun!

Release Date

January 2017


  • Colorful 2D graphics
  • Cute cats as patients
  • Different illnesses to cure
  • Intuitive gameplay


Use your mouse to play the game.