Attack and destroy others in! Inside a very dangerous arena, you must protect yourself well enough to stay alive. Fight for yourself and attack the others to keep your territory. Let’s see if you have the stamina to win this game!

A game of rivalry and survival of the fittest… You are all by yourself in this game in which you will be fighting against real-time rivals. All the tanks around have a single aim. They all want to shoot and destroy the other tanks. You need to do the same, too. One reason for this is that the others will be constantly shooting at you. Since you have limited energy, this will be a treat for you. Secondly, the arena is constantly shrinking, and you need to be the last one standing in the small arena to win the game. When you click on the screen and rotate your tank, you will be constantly shooting around with your tank. To stop and create the protection panel, simply stop clicking on the screen. But don’t forget that you have limited time for the protection panel. So, balance your power and try to be the winner in this game!

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HolaStudio developed

Release Date

April 21, 2022


• 2D colorful graphics

• IO game with real-time rivals

• Requirement of strategic thinking

• Daily rewards to unlock


You can click on the screen and rotate your tank, and shoot. Release the tank for it to stop and create a protection shield.