In Catch the Cat, follow the trail of an adventurous and curious kitten! This little cat got excited by all the things he saw outside, but you should find him before he gets lost! Can you find him through multiple fun levels?

Where did this cat go? Maybe you should look for its tail or other traces he may have left behind. This game has multiple chapters, each with multiple levels. Start with the first chapter and pick the first level. To find the cat, you should look for items and use them to reach the cat. Look around the bushes and don't forget to scroll the screen to see every part of the level. Click on items to collect them, but keep in mind that you have a limited bag space. You can combine items to create new things. Once you have the correct items, use them by clicking and dragging them to the screen from your bag. Try different things if you can't come up with a solution on your first try. When you catch the cat, you will complete the level and can move on to the next one! Have fun playing!

Cats are amazing animals and we love their funny and furry antics! Check our collection of free and online Cat Games for more of these cute felines! Enjoy!

Developer developed Catch the Cat.

Release Date

September 25, 2023


  • Multiple different levels
  • Different chapters to complete
  • Different collectibles
  • Daily rewards
  • Intuitive controls
  • Entertaining gameplay


Use your mouse to play.