In Cats Puzzle Time, get ready to resist the adorable looks of the cute kittens! They may look fluffy, but you don't have to worry about getting hair on your clothes. Can you complete each puzzle in the shortest time possible?

Kittens are the best! Their little paws and big eyes warm every heart! Don't get distracted! Your objective in this game is to complete each puzzle. Click on the play button to start the game, and select an image. This game features 12 different feline pictures for you to choose. Next, decide on a difficulty level from 3 different options. The easy mode has 9 pieces, and the medium mode offers 16. If you're up for the challenge, the hardest difficulty has 36 pieces for you to play with. You can use your mouse to complete the puzzles. Click on a piece and drag it to the board. Placing fitting pieces next to each other makes them stick together. Need a tip? Try to complete the frame first and then work on the center. This is the quickest way to complete a puzzle! You can also use the button located in the bottom right corner to complete the puzzle automatically!

Do you have a house cat? If not, you can play with these cute kittens in our collection of free cat games. Have fun!


Vi Games developed Cats Puzzle Time.

Release Date

March 08, 2019


  • 12 different cute cat images for you to choose from
  • 3 different difficulty levels
  • Colorful 2D graphics
  • Intuitive controls


You can use your mouse to play this game.