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Do you love horses? Have you always dreamed of having your own pony to care for? With our collection of online horse games you can collect horses, care for ponies, and run your own stables. You can also participate in horse races. Gallop around the track and jump over gates and fences. Shampoo your horse’s coat to keep it smooth and shiny. You can comb your horse’s manes and trim or braid them. Make sure to clean off all the dust and dirt collected from galloping through the fields and playing in the mud. It’s important to take good care of your horse’s hooves, too. Clean and trim each hoof before placing a new horseshoe under your horse’s feet. In some stable-keeping games, you can also collect and breed your own horses and ponies. There are lots of beautiful breeds to discover and trade. Can you unlock them all?

What’s the difference between horses and ponies?

Our horse and pony games are grouped together so that you can find all of your favorite equine sports and titles in one place. But what is actually the difference between horses and ponies? Quite often it comes down to height, but sometimes other observable characteristics, such as the animal’s temperament or breed, also determine whether it’s considered a horse or a pony.

Unlike humans, the height of horses and ponies is not measured from the hoof to the top of the head. Instead, they are measured from the hoof to the withers, which is the highest part of the horse’s back, at the base of the mane. That’s because the horse’s head is not such a stable point to measure. The horse might bend its neck slightly, or tilt its head while measuring. Ponies are usually under 1.47m, while horses are over 1.47m. However, there are exceptions. For instance, the Shetland pony is always considered a pony, regardless of height. Miniature horses, on the other hand, are always considered a breed of horse, even though they can be really tiny!

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Whether you prefer pony grooming, keeping your own stables, or horse racing and dressage events, come take a look at our collection of horse games and pony games and find your favorite titles to play! You can play all of our games on PC and laptop, and lots of our titles are also available for mobile and tablet. Have fun playing!