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In police games, there are usually two options: either you’re a cop tasked with chasing and catching criminals, or you play the part of a robber trying to get away from the cops. In our collection of cop games, you can take part in a series of wild and dangerous car chases, attend a police academy, or even uphold the law in outer space! Have a browse through our collection and find lots of different games to play. Below our overview of games, you’ll also find a number of links to related game categories such as shooting games and driving games, two popular genres that often meet in our cop-themed games.

Cops and police vehicles

Did you know that the word ‘cop’ was originally a slur? Many people think that it's an abbreviation of ‘constable on patrol’, but actually a ‘copper’ is slang for somebody who captures someone or something. It comes from the Latin ‘capere’, meaning ‘to seize’.

A police force is a group of people assigned and paid by a government to prevent crime and enforce the government’s laws. Police officers often wear a special uniform so that you can recognize them (unless they are working undercover, of course, which means it’s essential NOT to be recognized as a law enforcement officer!). They are frequently armed, and they have special vehicles with sirens. There are police cars and vans, search helicopters, and small planes. There are also cops on horseback, camelback, motorcycles, mountain bikes, standing scooters, speedboats, and even rollerblades! It all depends on what is the most practical way to move about quickly within the area where each officer works. In crowded, narrow city streets, for instance, a bike or rollerblades might be the quickest way to pursue a thief on the run.

Police games for kids – play our collection!

Do you want to try your hand at driving or piloting a police vehicle? Or maybe you want to see if you can escape from one? Check out our overview of fun games and start playing right away. You can access all of our games directly via your browser window, no downloads necessary!