Swing swords and sling spells in Miragine War as you advance through the battlefield toward your enemy’s crystal to put an end to their existence. Choose from a variety of units and send them to face your enemy! Conquer the battlefield as each of your enemy’s units fall to the ground under the deathly blows of your heroic soldiers. Assess the power of your enemy and choose your units wisely to counteract the horde of enemy soldiers moving toward you. Knights, ninjas, and lords are waiting for you to command them. Can you plan your moves strategically or will you fall beneath your enemy’s sword?

Only the most resourceful and charismatic commanders can win wars. Sometimes the usual knights and swordsmen might not be enough and a commander must turn their gaze to other capable characters. In Miragine War, become just such a commander and choose from 16 different units, from the strong knights adorned in heavy armor to restless zombies and even vampire lords, to send onto the battlefield to win the war! As the player, your objective in Miragine War is to defeat your enemy and win the war by killing the enemy units and reaching their side of the map to destroy their crystal. Your enemy also has the same unit types so plan your moves according to the weaknesses and strengths of those units. It costs money to summon units. Each unit type has an amount of income that will be added to your money at the end of each round. At the top of your screen, you can see the remaining time of the current round so you can be prepared for your next moves beforehand. Plan accordingly and send your best units to show your enemy that their attempts at winning the war are laughable!

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Miragine War is made by MIRAGINE.

Release Date

October 2011


  • 16 different unit types
  • 4 difficulty settings
  • Multiplayer option
  • 2D graphics


Use the WASD keys to play as player 1. Use the arrow keys to play as player 2. Drag the mouse around the mini-map to move the camera.