Grenades in the air, bullets racing toward your enemy, and your troops running to stop the waves of enemy attacks. Battle Gear is an amazing base defense game with a military theme where you have to protect your base at all costs! Choose from a wide range of troops, train your units, and show your enemies that your base is impenetrable! With strategy and military tactics, dominate the battlefield while your enemies retreat to their base! Strap on your helmet and start barking out orders, general! We have a battle to win!

Battle Gear is a strategic base defense game with addictive gameplay and wide military unit options. From infantries to navy, you have a crowded list of troops waiting for your orders. Play through 18 different areas, from green forests to open seas, and show your enemies that they have made their last mistake. As the player, your objective in this exciting game is to protect your base from the enemy waves and try to win the battle by sending your troops to their base and destroying it. You have a wide range of available units at your disposal. You need money to train these units, and you earn that money by defeating enemy units. Infantries include soldiers armed with various weapons, including pistols, grenades, rifles, and even rocket launchers! These are the vanguard troops that you can hurl at the enemy to keep them occupied. Despite all your strategic thinking and well-laid plans, the enemy might break your line of defense and get close to your base. Surprise them by placing turrets strategically around your base and have the last laugh as their dreams of victory come to naught! Call in reinforcements from the sky and rain missiles down on your enemy to put a halt to their advance!

Meticulous planning and strategic maneuvers bring victory! If you believe you have what it takes to win the day, visit our collection page of exciting strategy games and Tower Defense games!


  • Different unit types
  • Upgrade your units
  • 18 different battle arenas
  • Colorful 2D graphics


Use your mouse to play this game.