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3 Pandas in Fantasy

3 Pandas in Fantasy

Rating: 3.9 out of 5 based on 220773 votes

3 Pandas in Fantasy Description

Even an ordinary day at a funfair could turn into an exciting adventure for everyone's favorite panda trio, the 3 Pandas. In 3 Pandas in Fantasy, join our friends as they decide to explore a fantasy land filled with fairies, dwarves, mages, ogres, and many other mythical creatures. Thinking the fantasy house is an ordinary attraction at the funfair, the pandas found themselves in a different universe filled with a variety of challenges. Can you help them make their way back home through the levels full of challenging puzzles?

This new adventure started when the panda trio decided to take a look at the fantasy house. Little they know, the house is actually a portal to a mystical world! In 3 Pandas in Fantasy, magic is real! Be prepared to visit all sorts of enchanting locations with magical residents. Just like the other titles in this fun game series, you must guide the panda brothers through the levels to solve the puzzles and overcome the many obstacles they face. To control the pandas, simply click anywhere in the level. Your cursor will take a different shape depending on the items you hover over. The pandas can jump, climb, and perform other actions. Each of the panda brothers also has a special ability. You can click on each panda bear to use their unique skills. The big panda can lift the others to reach higher places, and you can throw the small panda to access hard-to-reach spots within each level. In some levels, you have to help other characters to clear the way. Help the fairies trapped by the ogre. Break their cage, or borrow a miner dwarf's mine cart after helping him delivering the gemstones. You can even help a dragon to escape from some trolls!

Sitting down and munching on bamboo all day is not how these pandas want to spend their holidays! As the most adventurous creatures of their kind, they always manage to find trouble wherever they go. Check our collection of fun 3 Pandas games to help them out of other scrapes!


Flash Team developed this game, along with other titles like 3 Pandas in Japan.

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  • Visit a fantasy world full of mysteries
  • Control 3 characters at once
  • Lots of puzzle levels with entertaining gameplay
  • Colorful 2D graphics


Use your mouse to play this game.

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