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Whether the weather is too bad to play outside, or you can't find anyone to join you to play a ball game, you're in luck! On this page, you'll find lots of different ball games that you can enjoy for free. If you're interested in playing specific ball games, you can check our collection pages of basketball games or the popular soccer games.

What are ball games?

Ball games are any form of game or a sport which features a ball as part of the play. Many popular games such as football, cricket, basketball, and American football are included under this title. These games have different and diverse rules and histories, and are usually have unrelated origins.

Ball games have many different sub-categories! There are bat-and-ball games such as cricket and baseball, in which you use a bat or another kind of a stick to hit a ball to score points. Racquet and ball games include sports like tennis, squash and badminton. Do you know bowling, golf, and even snooker is considered a ball game too? These games are called target sports or precision sports. There are so many ways to play with balls, and you can find lots of games on this page!

Play alone or as a part of a team!

Whether you like to play by yourself and climb the ladders to championship alone or prefer to beat your rivals with your team, you can find the best game for you! Hit the streets, stadium or the arena and get ready to score points! Or become a ball yourself and try to survive levels filled with various deadly obstacles. No matter what, don't let anything you stop you from being the number 1 player in these free online games!