Roll down the platform and merge the same-numbered balls with Ball 2048! Clean your mind from daily work and loosen up a little with this addictive hyper-casual game! Steer a rolling ball left and right to catch other same-numbered balls, multiply your number, and try to complete the level with 2048!

What can you do when you cannot stop rolling? Make the best of it and increase your value! You can use this chance to add more numbers to your ball and make it to the furthest hole on the scoreboard! It is not that hard; all you must do is focus on the numbers and dodge the threats. The spikes break your ball in two, cutting your number by half. Keep your eyes on the platform, avoid falling off the edges of the track, and make it to the finish line with the highest number. The ball grows with the increasing number, making it harder to dodge the spikes. The game ends if you hit the traps with the number 2 or fall into the water. You can unlock new skins between levels by accepting special offers. Watch short ads and get comfy with your new looks!

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DDSH developed Ball 2048!

Release Date

September 1, 2022


Colorful 3D graphics

Tens of addictive levels

Fun for all ages

Increasing math skills

Available on mobile


Click or tap to control the ball.