1943 invites you to challenge your brilliant intelligence! We feel strong vibes from the 90s thanks to this fun puzzle game. Even if not, don't worry because we will enlighten you by giving some simple instructions. This game has no big difference from minesweeper, and all you need to do is a good analysis of the map. Read below to see more information about this fun puzzle game!

Everywhere is full of mines, and we've got 130 commanders to save from the minefield. You gotta make some calculations and hold on to your hope quite tight. So, how are you gonna make the calculations and according to what, you may ask. Hope comes as the first step. Double click on the screen randomly, and you will see some numbers. Those numbers show you how many of mines around that number. The number may show the mines under the up, down, or cross spots. If you are lucky enough to click on 0s, a bigger field with more numbers will open. You should use your logic and try to figure out which spots can have mines under them. That's not all, of course. Now, you should destroy the mines with your mines. Click once to put a mine. Put your mines on the spots under which you think there can be mines. The mines you can put is limited, though. Check the remaining mines from the right top of the screen and once they finish, click on the "Go" button to see the result. Until there is no alive commander left, you will continue to play the rounds. Good luck!

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  • 2D colorful graphics
  • Strategy requiring puzzle game
  • Similar content with Minesweeper
  • Entertaining and engaging gameplay


You can use your mouse to play this game.