In Heroball Adventures, it is time to go for a new adventure a spherical hero this time! Today was one of the normal days until your friends are kidnapped by an enemy! Luckily, they have you! Are you ready to reach the end of each level and save them all? Good luck!

It was a normal day until your friends were kidnapped, but now you need to save them! Are you ready for this adventure? Then click on the play button and start the game! Your objective in this game is to save your ball friends by venturing through the courses, avoiding spikes and other traps. But don't avoid the stars! Because the more you collect, the higher your score will get. To rescue your friends, you must first find the keys, which you can use to unlock the doors to the prisons where the balls are being kept as captives. To control your character, you can either use your arrow keys or WASD keys. Don't forget to jump while passing over the gaps! Just you have the power to set them free and get them safely to the finish line! Hundreds of enemies will attempt to ruin your mission, so you'll have to annihilate them by jumping on them and blowing them up. Reach the red flag before it's too late! Enjoy the excitement and good luck!

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Developer developed Heroball Adventures.

Release Date

April 28, 2021


  • 2D graphics
  • 15 levels to complete
  • Exciting gameplay
  • Intuitive controls


You can either use your arrow keys or WASD keys to play this game.