Color Road is here to test your reflexes in an infinite and colorful run! Roll down the platform, pick the same-colored balls, and adapt to the changes! Collect the coins, use ramps to change colors, and pass through doors to make it to the next level. Let's see how long you can make it in this fast-paced color challenge!

Be careful; this run might make you dizzy! Rolling down an endless platform of colors is not something just anyone can do. Instead, this is a race where you can test your skills and prove your reflexes with high scores! But be careful; there is no turning back once you start moving. Hold the ball and move left and right while it keeps accelerating. You must collect the same-colored balls to add to your score. Avoid all the other balls. Touching any other-colored object ends the game, forcing you to start over. The striped balls can get you double points, so watching out for them might is a good source of extra scores. Pass carefully through tunnels, change colors at the ramps, and keep running down! Collect all the gold coins on your path and use them at the game shop for new skins!

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VOODOO developed Color Road.

Release Date

December 2022


Good 3D graphics

High-paced and endless gameplay

Improving reflexes

Unlockable skins at the game shop

Available on mobile devices


You can use your mouse to play this game.