Hold your breath and get ready for an exciting tournament in World Cup Fever! The special time of the year for football lovers is here and you can now be a part of this excitement firsthand!

This is a football game that needs you to play the ball in the most careful way. As fun as the game is, you also need to take the gameplay seriously to win the matches. Choose your team or let the computer randomly assign you one, set your team by picking the players, and get ready to rule the stadium. You can click left and drag the cursor to move the players. Once a player touches the ball, the ball will move toward the direction you dragged the player to. Aim to hit a goal and always protect your own goalpost to become the winner of the match within the given time!

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2Play developed World Cup Fever.

Release Date

November 22, 2022


• Colorful 2D graphics

• Many choices of countries

• Intuitive controls

• A full-on tournament


Click left and drag the cursor to set the direction you want the selected player to move.