Rolling, rolling, and rolling. That is what balls do. Yet Red Ball challenges the round nature of the main character, red ball, with many obstacles and platforms to overcome. Take control of the red ball and try to beat every level and show that inside that round shape you have a sharp character! You are plastic, and that's fantastic!

Features of puzzle and platform game genres are combined in Red Ball. Roll, jump, bounce and try not to get blown out! As the player, you try to complete 12 different levels, each filled with various deadly traps and mechanisms. You are a ball, round and soft. Will you let those swinging axes and sharp thorns to mock your perfect spherical shape? Of course you won't! Use the arrow keys to move around. They thought you were only capable of rolling and underestimated your bouncy and elastic-plastic skin! Press the space bar to jump above the traps and gaps between platforms. Flash them a mocking smile as you fly above them while the breeze caresses your red, bouncy surface. Take that, spikes. You can't even move! But there are some other traps that can move, axes for example. Time your moves carefully to avoid their mean looking sharp edges and you will survive. Some levels include buttons to activate to remove certain walls in your way to advance. No matter what, you will not compromise on your roundness!

Red Ball will keep you hooked in front of your screen with the different and fun to solve puzzles in its 12 different levels. Time your actions and keep your eye on your surroundings. You'll never know what to expect in this addictive game. If you enjoy action and arcade games, why not check our collection of similar games? Have a great time with our games!


Red Ball 1 is a game by Eugene Fedoseev. Eugene also developed Redball 2, Redball 3, Redball 4 and Redball 5.

Release Date



  • 12 levels to complete
  • Simple controls
  • Different obstacles to beat
  • Nice graphics


Use the arrow keys to move the ball. Press the R key to restart the level.