Let the balls fall right in Dig This! This skill game will let you blow off steam with its smooth gameplay as you try to get the balls running downhills in the soil. Let’s see if you can dig all the way to get the points!

This 3D game lets you feel the motion of digging the realistic dirt graphics to let the balls fall right through the tunnels you make. The soil is sensitive enough to feel each cursor movement so that you can dig the dirt just the way that you like. The balls will only move in the way that you move the dirt below them depending solely on gravity and basic physics understanding. Through a total of twenty levels throughout three different game modes, you will try to get the balls to fall right into the aimed spots. You can start with the sandbox and move on to the multicolor mode followed by the boombox mode. Try your best to let the balls fall correctly and start from the beginning freely if you ever fail a level!

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VOODOO developed Dig This.

Release Date

January 24, 2023


• Colorful 3D graphics

• 3 different game modes

• 60 levels

• Different difficulty levels


Drag the cursor to dig the dirt in the way that you wish the ball to fall into.