Get your head in the game in Basketball Challenge! Basketball is not always about teamwork and a heated match. Sometimes all you need to focus on is the ball and hoop, so follow this logic to rule this game.

In this basketball game, you have a ball, a hoop, and your stamina. There are two main game modes you can enjoy. The levels mode presents you with a series of levels that ask you to complete various tasks that get increasingly hard through the levels. Sometimes you will have a limited number of balls to dunk without failing, sometimes you will have a time limit to dunk a certain number of balls, or sometimes you will need to dunk the ball without touching the hoop for a certain time. In the endless mode, you will have three chances to fail to throw in the ball and can on endlessly unless those chances are done. Now, get your hands on the basketballs and get ready to rule the hoop!

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2Play developed Basketball Challenge.

Release Date

January 02, 2022


• 2D colorful graphics

• 2 main game modes to try out

• Levels that get increasingly difficult

• Challenging gameplay


You can click left and drag your cursor to aim, then release the left click to dunk the ball.