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Do you love basketball games? So do we! We’ve collected a fun range of free games in which you can practice shooting hoops online. You can play alone, or challenge other players and compare your scores. We’ve got great 3D games in which you can move your player around the court and take shots from different angles, as well as awesome 2D skill games in which you can use cannons, catapults, and elastic nets to shoot your basketball through the hoop. Dribble past your opponents and try to jump high enough to dunk the ball through the metal ring. Move into position for a longer shot and aim for the black box painted onto the backboard, or send the ball flying in a perfect arc to drop your three-pointer cleanly through the hoop. Check out our full collection of sports games for more!

Enjoy our huge offer of amazing Basketball arcade games

We’ve got a huge offer of B-Ball games for you to try out. You can play on an indoor or outdoor court, and unlock a range of different basketballs, teams, and players. You can practice basketball trick shots and perform lay-ups, jump shots, and amazing 3-point shots. Solve cool basketball puzzles, learn to block and collect the rebound, or play a series of exciting sports matches. At Kizi, you can stick around the court to practice for as long as you like, so lace up your sneakers and let’s start playing! If you ever come across a level you can’t figure out, just scroll down the page and you’ll find a handy playthrough video full of tips to help you out! We've got a great playthrough tutorial available for every single one of our basketball games!

Fun Basketball games for kids, unblocked on PC and mobile!

You can play our full collection of games anywhere, on PC, tablet, or your mobile phone. Play our unblocked games at school or at work. Whereas other websites might blocked depending on the network you’re on, our gaming content is always available wherever you access our site. So if you want to shoot some virtual hoops at school or during your break, come to Kizi and enjoy the best unblocked basketball games for free! If you like these games, be sure to take a look at our American Football selection for other popular sports games!