Rise up to stardom with your great shots in Dunk Shot! Get your orange ball and warm up because you are about to be introduced to a great challenge. It’s time to test your dunking skills with a series of hoops and your ball!

Here is a dynamic basketball game for you to enjoy dunking your ball. In the vertical position, you will be given many basketball hoops. Your aim is to move upwards by successfully getting the basketball inside the hoops. You should click left on the screen and drag the cursor to set the assistive lines in a way to let your ball fall in the hoops. With each successful aim, you will earn more stars. If you have streaks, you can even see special effects around your basketball and get more stars. Make sure you spice up the game by unlocking new themes and basketballs with the stars you get. You can try out the challenges to enjoy more of this game and become a dunking master thanks to the practice you get to do. Now, let’s see how good you’ll do!

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Ubisoft developed Dunk Shot.

Release Date

July 05, 2022


• 2D colorful graphics

• Themes and basketballs to unlock

• Intuitive controls

• Challenging gameplay


You can click left and drag your cursor to aim, then release the left click to throw the ball.