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Run with the ball or pass it between your teammates in our collection of exciting US football games! Advance toward your opponent’s end zone while staying in possession of the ball and try to score a touchdown. Can you push past the defence and advance far enough without getting tackled? Touchdowns are one way to score points in these gridiron games, but you can also practice scoring field goals by kicking the ball through the fork-shaped goal. For your field goal to count, the oval football has to soar over the crossbar and pass between the two upright posts. In Kizi’s collection of 2D and 3D American Football games you can play matches with a full team of 11 players, practice specific catches and kicks, or play a funny game in which you have to play against a team of zombies and avoid being eaten! Are you a big sports games fan? We've got lots of other amazing games, including a great basketball section right here!

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The National Football League or NFL organises the most famous American Football championship game in the world, the Super Bowl. Play an NFL Championship game and get your team ready to win the Big Game by beating all of your opponents. During the NFL’s Super Bowl, the winning team of the National Football Conference plays against the champion of the American Football Conference, with spectacular pre-game and halftime entertainment provided by some of the greatest celebrities in the World! In our Free NFL Football Games, you don’t have to wait until the end of the regular season to get ready for next Super Bowl!

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Can’t wait to play until you get back from school or work? Lots of public networks block gaming content, but at Kizi you can always access all of the best unblocked Football Games on your laptop, tablet, and mobile phone. Stuck on a particular level? Don’t worry! Just scroll down the page to view a tutorial playthrough video to help you along. Each one of our free online football games has one.