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Set foot on the pitch and win each match in Kizi’s collection of exciting baseball games! There are lots of different positions to play on a baseball team. The teams take turns batting and fielding, and in this selection of games you can try both. In our baseball batter games, you have to take your place by the home plate. Watch the pitcher throw the ball and swing your bat at the right moment to hit it. You’ll have to choose when to swing your bat, and at which height. Try to hit the ball as far into the field as you can. Can you buy enough time for your runners to mover from base to base? Maybe you’ll even score a home run! If you miss three times, you’re out!

Pitch, bat, and field in our collection of free baseball games

As the fielding team, your objective is to prevent the batters from scoring runs. There are various ways to prevent a batter from becoming a runner. The pitcher can outwit the batter and throw the ball in such a way that the batter misses it three times. If the batter manages to hit the ball, the fielding team can try to catch the ball without letting it drop to the ground. They can also pass the ball to their teammates who can tag the runners out and stop them from advancing to the home plate. Since the ball travels at high speeds, players usually wear protective gear such as helmets and gloves. The catcher squatting behind the batter also wears shin guards, a special helmet with a steel-framed mask, and a chest protector, since they are at a high risk of being hit by the ball (or struck with a bat by accident).

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Our baseball games are so much fun that you’ll want to keep playing wherever you go. Lots of public networks at schools and even some cafeteria and diners try to block gaming content, but you can enjoy Kizi’s collection of unblocked baseball adventures and other sports games where and whenever you like!