Wear your best sports shoes because you are about to jump a lot in jump Dunk! Two of the most fun activities, one can imagine, meet in this game. Trampolines to jump on and basketballs to dunk… Let’s see if you can handle this dual fun!

In this fun skill game, you will primarily be jumping on various trampolines. The jumping motion that comes with these trampolines may sometimes make things difficult, so you need to try your best to find the ideal height to throw the basketballs. Your main aim is to dunk in the buckets you will see before your opponents. At a level, there may be more than one trampoline to jump on and more than one bucket to throw the ball into. The way these buckets are positioned may vary at each level, in fact, the buckets may even be moving. You simply need to wait for the best moment to click on the screen and aim well at the buckets. Let’s see if you can be faster than your opponent and win each level in this dunking game!

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2Play developed Jump Dunk.

Release Date

September 07, 2022


Colorful 3D graphics

Multiple levels

Unique systems at each level

Level skipping available with rewarded ads


Click on the screen at the right moment to throw the balls.