In Tallman Dunk Rush, it's time to dribble the basketball and grow taller. This basketball game is unlike anything you've seen before. Featuring different obstacles and addictive gameplay with 3D graphics, get ready to score points and overcome your rivals.

Some say playing basketball makes you taller, and in this game, this is true! Your objective here is to grow as tall as you can by making correct choices and getting the highest score at the end of each run. When you start the game, your character will be at the shortest height. Click and hold on the screen to make your character run, and move your mouse left or right to move sideways. To make your character taller, pass through blue doors, overtake the rival characters shorter than you, and dunk the ball to the baskets shorter than you. Passing through red doors and hitting obstacles will make you shorter. You can't dunk the ball to the basket hoops taller than you, so try your best to keep your height tall to complete all the challenges on your way and become unstoppable. At the end of each run, your final score multiplier awaits. Your character's height determines how big the multiplier will be, so try to reach the end as tall as you can.

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Developer developed Tallman Dunk Rush.

Release Date

April 07, 2023


  • Colorful 3D graphics
  • Intuitive controls
  • Entertaining and addictive gameplay
  • Various obstacles to dodge and avoid


Use your mouse to play.