With Basketball.io, get ready for a competitive basketball championship! This fun basketball game is so for you if you have a real team spirit. Gather your team and challenge the opponents with your shooting, passing, and dribbling skills! If you are ready now, let the game begin!

In this fun game, you need to prove your B-ball skills! The finals are going to be difficult, and you have really ambitious opponents this time! Will you be able to get through all eight-final, quarter-final, semi-final, and at last reach the final? All you need to do is using your keyboard arrows or simply your mouse to move the player. Reach the ball before one of the opponent team's players reaches it first. Then direct your player towards the basket and make your shoot. If any player from the opposite team hits you, they automatically get the ball. Pass all the finals and enjoy the victory. Grab the ball, dodge your opponents, and score points! Can you prove that you're the master of the B-ball by carrying your team to the top of the championship?

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New Gamer developed this game.

Release Date

September 2, 2019


  • 3D colorful graphics
  • Various players, balls and stadium options to unlock
  • Four finals to win
  • Intuitive controls


You can either simply use your mouse or left and right arrows to move around. Up arrow to go forward and down arrow to go backward.