Are you ready to take part in one of the most outrageous racing titles? In Potty Racers 1, you won't be driving cars or bikes. No carts either! You will be using the most unusual racing car, a potty! Might sound weird at first but with its enjoyable gameplay and different tricks to master, Potty Racers 1 brings a new fresh breath to racing games. We mention a fresh breath but you may want to hold yours until you get used to your new "racing car". Watch your clothes, you wouldn't want to get stains on your shirt.

Ready, set, go! Potty Racers is a skill-based game with a very simple objective. Ride your potty down the hill and reach to the skies and glide as fas as you can! There are 4 hills you can play at. Warm Up Hill is the first and the easiest one. When you are feeling confident with your potty driving skills, you can move onto the next one. You can visit Happy Hill, Blaster Hill, and Beach Cliff. Keep in mind that each map has its own challenges. While there, perform as many tricks as you can to earn points. There are lots of upgrades to purchase for your potty. New and improved wheels, fuel types and even tricks! To be able to purchase these upgrades and beat your previous best scores, you should earn money by completing jumps. Earn more points to collect more money. Collect more money to buy more upgrades! With an upgraded potty, perform better tricks and travel further! It's a never ending circle! Perform your tricks in every map! Try to complete them all and become the best potty racer in the world!

Ignore the grossness of the potty and focus on winning! No one will care about your racing car when you show them who is the best! Don't forget to check the other game in the series, Potty Racers 3.


Gonzo Games developed Potty Racers 1.

Release Date

July 2009


  • 4 areas to play
  • Lots of upgrade options
  • 5 tricks to unlock
  • Upgrades change your appearance


Use your arrow keys to control the potty. Use the number keys 1 - 5 to perform tricks.