Visit Demolition City, but watch out because it's all coming down! In this game, you have to blow up various buildings by using your trusted and explosive sticks of dynamite! Place the explosives at strategic locations, then step back and press the big red button! Watch out for the falling debris as the stone towers tremble and fall. Bring down everything, from the concrete to the ironwork. Good job! Is your finger itching to press more of those big red “danger” buttons? Then press play and get ready to rumble! Don't forget your protective head gear.

When you start your new, loud and explosive journey you'll find yourself on the first level. At the bottom of the screen, you'll see some information about the current level. This information include the amount of damage you've done, the number of TNT-sticks you have left, a "leave" button for if your ears need a rest from this noisy job, a “reset” button to start the level all over again, and finally: the big red BOOM button that sets the best part of the action in motion. Are you ready to stand up and make some noise? Place the explosives to strategic locations around the building. Keep in mind, once you place them you can't detach them and change their locations anymore. You can choose use all of your explosives or try to save some for bonus points. When you’re ready, press the BOOM button! Each level has a rubble height requirement to complete the level successfully. Make sure the demolished building ends up coming to rest below that height limit. You can try your hand at 20 different levels of Demolition City. Can you flatten all the buildings?

Demolition City offers fun gameplay with intuitive mechanics to master while challenging the player to think creatively. And you’re allowed to mash big red buttons in this game. Get busy blowing stuff up in Demolition City! Want to check our other fun games of the same genre? Visit our puzzle games overview to check out similar titles!


Joey Betz created Demolition City

Release Date

August 2009


  • Addictive gameplay
  • Realistic physics
  • 20 different levels
  • The BOOM button


Use your mouse to place the dynamite.