Our princesses need you in Princess Lovely Fashion! Two of the most beautiful princesses are planning to spend a wonderful week together with their friends. But they need a hand to look glam! Can you help them with their make-over?

Get ready to choose the best clothes and accessories for our princesses. You can use all the make-up tips you know while putting on thier make-up, too! All you need to do is to choose and apply the make-up you like. Be careful while making choices. Apply eye shadows or lipsticks of colors that will suit your princesses’ clothes. In the end, both of your friends will be looking so beautiful that they will be the most beautiful girls of their trip with other princesses! Let’s see if you can give them a good make-over and make them happy!

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iclickgames developed Princess Lovely Fashion.

Release Date

March 25, 2022


2D colorful graphics

Many beauty tips

Application of make-up

Variety of clothes and accessories

Fun gameplay


You can use your mouse to choose options.