The story of the ambitious Penny the penguin continues in the second game of the amazing series, Penguin Diner 2. After returning from her long voyage, she came home only to find the quality of the food being served has drastically changed: too bad. Penny is an entrepreneur at heart and knows she must do something to keep her fellow penguins happy with good food. Can you help her run her own restaurant chain and keep her customers happy?

Belonging to one of the most popular game series, the second game Penguin Diner 2 brings the cute penguin Penny back to your screens as she opens her own restaurant chain in her hometown. Similar to the prequel game, your objective as the player is to serve the delicious food and drinks your customers ordered and reach the daily money goal on each level. When you first start the game, you can see the map of Penny's town. There are 4 districts and you will unlock them as you play the game and complete levels. Once your restaurant is open, you will see customers arriving. Click on a customer and then on an available table to make them sit. Once seated, your customers will look at the menu and raise their hands when they're ready to order. Click on their table to direct Penny to them and you'll see what they've ordered. Soon, the order will be ready at the counter. You can collect and deliver the food and drinks to the customers by clicking on them and then on the table. Penny can carry 2 dishes at a time. You can collect the money by clicking on the tables. You can unlock many different upgrades to improve your services. Can you help Penny become the best restaurant owner in the penguin city?

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2DPlay developed Penguin Diner 2, as well as the prequel, Penguin Diner.


  • Colorful 2D graphics
  • Challenging and entertaining gameplay
  • Different upgrades to buy
  • 4 different regions to play in


Use your left mouse button to control Penny the Penguin.