In Flappy Dunk, you can score points by hopping through the loops with your winged basketball. We didn’t know what to expect when someone gave a pair of wings to a basketball, but the end result is nice 2D graphics and addictive gameplay, so it’s all good. Flappy Dunk will keep you entertained, and once you’re in the flow you’ll be hooked. So wear your basketball shorts and sneakers. Be sure to close the windows. With its wings, the basketball might try to fly away toward freedom!

To start the game, click on the basketball on the main menu. Click on the screen to start moving. Your objective is to pass through as many hoops as you can without hitting somewhere. Time your clicks carefully and don't miss any of the hoops. The basketball is quite excited about its wings so be careful not to click excessively or you'll hit the ceiling. Not clicking enough will cause your ball to fall to the ground, which will also end your game. The other thing you should pay attention is to not miss any of the hoops. Once you do that, the basketball will automatically fall to the ground. BAM! Game over again. If you time your jumps and pass through a hoop without touching it, you'll gain double scores! Hear the whistles? The crowd is celebrating your success! Challenge your skills and try to get the highest score you can in Flappy Dunk. You can compare your scores with others' in leaderboards. Keep playing and beat every other score and become the best! It is unusual to play with a winged basketball but you'll get used to it with time!

A winged basketball might sound strange, but have you ever thought of using a potty as a racing car? If not, check out another popular game in our collection, Potty Racers! Try also another Flappy-like game with Flappy Wings. Have fun playing!


Flappy Dunk was developed by Voodoo.


  • Leaderboards
  • Addictive gameplay
  • 2D graphics
  • Available on mobile


Click on the left mouse button to jump.