Enjoy the best online bowling games at Kizi and knock down every pin

Bowling is a popular game you can enjoy with a big group of friends. As a target sport, it is also played competitively. Are you good at bowling? With these online bowling games, you can perfect your aim. Booking a bowling lane at the bowling alley costs money, but at Kizi, you can enjoy free play for as long as you like. Select a bowling ball and roll it across the smooth wooden floor of the bowling alley. Try to strike down the pins placed at the end of the lane. The ball is not big enough to hit every single pin, so you’ll have to bowl the ball hard enough to make the pins slam into each other. If you knock down all of the pins with a single roll, you score a “strike”. If you knock down all the pins on your second roll, this is called a “spare”. Depending on your subsequent rolls, you can add a lot of bonus points to your score by throwing a strike or a spare!

Free bowling games with 10 pins or 5 pins

The most popular version of bowling is Ten-Pin Bowling. This version is played with a fairly large ball and ten large pins. You get two rolls per frame (turn), and per game the standard amount of frames is ten. Most online bowling games are based on ten-pin bowling. Five-Pin Bowling is a simplified version of the ten-pin game, and you’re most likely to come across this variation in Canada, where it was invented to make the game easier to play. This game uses five smaller pins and a smaller ball made of hard rubber. While the ten-pin ball has three finger-holes, the five-pin ball has either no holes or only a single hole for the player’s thumb.

Play more difficult variations on bowling games

Another popular variation played in parts of America is Duckpin Bowling. Duckpins are shorter and fatter than regular pins, and the ball is smaller as well – only slightly bigger than a softball. Rather than two rolls per frame, players get three rolls in this bowling variation. Candlepin is another bowling variation played with three rolls per frame. Players use an even smaller ball, but the pins are much taller and slimmer. This makes it very hard to bowl a strike in Candlepin bowling. In this game, fallen pins are not cleared away between rolls. Candlepin is played in some Canadian provinces and in New England. Have you tried every bowling variation there is? Each game brings its own unique challenges. Broaden your bowling horizons and try them all!