In Classic Bowling, put on your shoes and grab your bowling ball! We're going to the bowling alley in this game. Can you knock down all the pins and earn the highest score possible?

Time to tumble all those pins in one shot! With the simple controls of this game, you don't need to have a strong arm to throw the ball through the lanes! Your objective in this 3D game is to earn as many points as you can before the game ends. To do that, you should throw the bowling ball to the ten pins located at the end of the lane. You don't need to be an expert bowler to score high points in this game! All you have to do is to adjust the power and the aim of your throw. When the game starts, you should position yourself by using the left and right arrow keys first. When done, click on the screen or press the SPACE BAR to confirm. The power bar will appear on the left side of the screen. Click on the screen to adjust the power. Lastly, you should aim the ball. An arrow will appear on the right side. Click on the screen again, and you'll throw the ball. You can see your score at the top of the screen. Try to hit the headpin to knock others down!

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Code This Lab developed Classic Bowling.

Release Date

September 20, 2017


  • Colorful 3D graphics
  • Intuitive controls
  • Addictive and entertaining gameplay


Use the arrow keys to position the ball. Click on the screen to adjust the power and the aim of your shot.